JVC GZ-HD500 Camcorder Review

It’s the week before Valentine, folks, and one thing you’re going to need if you haven’t already picked it up is a way to record all those spectacular holiday memories. Family, friends, and of course, New Year’s Eve just another week away means you’ll be needing a camcorder, and we’ve got camcorders all this week for you. First out of the box is the JVC GZ-HD500, and I think you’ll like this one even if your pockets aren’t very deep after all the holiday shopping.

The JVC GZ-HD500 camcorder offers a 20x optical zoom with accompanying 200x digital zoom, eighty gigs of onboard storage (which is right around twenty DVDs worth of space), a memory card slot for microSD and microSDHC memory cards, a 2.7 inch LCD display, Laser Touch scrolling, the HD Gigabrid Premium II engine for better video recording, advanced image stabilizers, HDMI output, 1080p video recording, face detection systems, a USB port, and one touch uploading to YouTube.

I like handling JVC cameras, as that Laser Touch bit really improves the ease of use when it comes to working with the display. It’s a bit classier too, which only means so much, but still. The zoom has a good range and the whole thing is pretty easy to work with. You may not be quite as happy about the lack of optical image stabilization systems, but you’ll have a good experience with this, I’d say.

There’s too much to like here not to suggest you have a closer look at the JVC GZ-HD500. It’s not every day you see a relatively inexpensive item show up with this kind of features loadout added on, so if you’re looking for a new camcorder for those holiday memories, try here.

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JVC GZ-HD500 Camcorder


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