Nokia Windows Phone 7 Smartphones in 2011

There are some tech industry rumors that simply refuse to die, and today it’s the turn of Nokia and a potential Windows Phone 7 device that’s getting raked over the coals once more. According to sources Microsoft and Nokia have been holding ongoing talks regarding a Nokia-branded Windows Phone 7 smartphone range. The meetings were at the prompt of newly-instated Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who is the ex-head of Microsoft Business. He suggests that the first Nokia WP7 devices will reach Europe in Q2 2011, with the “characteristic features” of the Finnish company’s products.

The concept has been well raked-over since Elop took over from ex-CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, but Nokia has staunchly denied any such intentions to look to Android or Windows Phone 7 rather than continuing with its two-pronged Symbian and MeeGo approach.

Source: IDGTechPanel

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Smartphones


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