Salman Khan comes to rescue Farah khan

Farah Khan’s recent released film Tees Maar Khan did not do very well at the box office. There could be many reasons behind it but what is mostly said and talked is the absence of Shah Rukh Khan in the film. There was a time when Farah Khan said that she would not make a single film without the King Khan. She made Tees Maar Khan and it went low in business as compared to her previous films like Om Shanti Om in which SRK played a role of protagonist.

At this situation Salman Khan comes to rescue Farah. He tells director Farah Khan that he's willing to sign her next film even if no other actor is. After Tees Maar Khan, speculation is rife about Farah Khan's next film. Will she go back to Shah Rukh Khan? Will Akshay Kumar act in her next?

Or will be it a film with newcomers like Karan Johar is making? Or will it be Salman Khan, who did a cameo in her last film. An industry source says, "After the release of Tees Maar Khan when Salman heard that Farah Khan was feeling low, he called her and told her to start writing her next film, and that he would star in it, whenever it was ready."

Most actors would think twice before working with a director whose last was panned by critics, but Sallu has no such reservations. Says a source, "Salman goes out of his way to help anyone he loves.

It's not all business with him. When he heard from mutual friends that Farah was feeling down because people were pulling her film down, he called her and told her that he would act in her next.

And he said that if she didn't have a script, he would even provide a script that he likes, and she can direct it."

This happened before he left for his birthday in Dubai. The insider adds, "It was an emotional talk between Farah and Salman and she was extremely touched."

Farah says, "It's not true. I have just started writing my next film. I am not even thinking of casting till the script is fabulous and fully locked.

I met Salman only at the Screen Awards last week. Tees Maar Khan is a hit. Why would I need helping out?"

Source: santabanta

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