What makes Shetty a professional actor

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty is of the opinion that he is the most professional actor in Bollywood! In a statement to the media, Suniel Shetty discusses the importance of his family in his life and the fact that he is professional and that is the reason why he remains absent from film promotion campaigns! Well, when asked why he is out of the country when the other cast members of his latest release No Problem is busy with promotional work, Suniel Shetty spontaneously replies that he is a professional actor and therefore he has remained faithful to his commitments towards his family.

As the interview progresses, Suniel Shetty likes to make it clear that it is the producer’s duty to promote a film and not the actor’s, therefore, an actor can be available only when he is done with his other commitments in life which may also include his personal work! While the audience is familiar with all leading stars travelling around the country to promote their latest films, Suniel Shetty is not among the common lot. Indeed, the actor has not only been absent from the promotions of No Problem where he plays the villain, but also from his earlier release Tum Milo Toh Sahi. Explaining the matter, Suniel Shetty says that while he had to be with his daughter in the US when Tum Milo Toh Sahi released, his dates are blocked now that No Problem has hit theaters.

Though it is really good that the actor loves spending time with his family, we only hope that his actions will not backfire with producers getting angry over his remarks. And we also wish that Suniel Shetty can live up to his claims of being the most professional actor of Bollywood!

Source: BollywoodWorld

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